How long should a student practice?
Practicing the piano is essential if a student is going to learn how to play the piano. I will recommend the amount of time for each student.

At what age should you start piano lessons?
If you have a dream to learn to play, whatever age you are now is the best age! However I wouldn't recommend younger than 3 and a half years old.

Canterbury Piano Lessons

Do you offer piano lessons for children and for adults?
Yes, I provide piano lessons for all ages. Each student is unique in their ability so an individual lesson will be developed for each student. Beginner piano lessons to advanced piano lessons are available.

Do we need a piano to start lessons?
Practice is very important for a students’ progress. A basic electronic keyboard will work as a starting point, however a piano will be required to progress to an intermediate or advanced level.

How long will the piano lessons last?
Standard piano lessons are one hour. Children start with 30 minute lessons and as they develop this time increases.

Do you offer any family discounts?
Yes. Family discounts are available if the lessons are consecutive. Each student will be provided with a private piano lesson for their designated appointment.

What materials do I have to buy?
I will determined this after the first consultation and advise students of the best places to buy what they need.

How can the parents be helpful in child’s music study?
The role of parents is very important for the child’s progress. The parent should encourage practice and praise progress.

What can music lessons do for a child?
Piano lessons help children in school. Numerous studies available show children who play the piano score higher than their non-musical counterparts in tests measuring spatial-temporal reasoning (the brain function used to understand math, science and engineering). Piano lessons raise self esteem, increase coordination and help concentration.

How much are lessons and what kind of payments are accepted?
Please see our pricing page. Paypal payments, cash & BACS payments are accepted

What if I have to cancel a lesson?
Lessons cancelled with advance notice of 24 hours or more, will not be charged.